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Heartland Foundation
Address:518 S. 6th St., St. Joseph, MO 64501
Contact: Judith Sabbert
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For Heartland Foundation, our choice is clear. We believe that each of us is progress, each of us is potential, each of us is possibility, but only if we Think Ahead. We see healthy, dynamic and vital communities and will build communities that are valued and valuable to young and old alike People will enthusiastically embrace our experiments because they know that we honor the tremendous gains of the past, learn from our past mistakes, and understand the power of compassion. Think Ahead will be much more than a slogan used to communicate our efforts. It will direct everything the Foundation does, from how we see new possibilities in our communities to how we nurture new empowerment in our youth and communities. We will begin with the end in mind while being conscious of what we learn along the way. We will not be a place of recovery from present day problems but one of discovery of future day possibilities.