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Address:1200 Main St. - 30th Floor; P.O. Box 418679, Kansas City, MO 64141
Contact: John Engelmann
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Celebrating a century of operation in the 1980s, Kansas City Power & Light continued to follow the example of its founders by strategically looking ahead. Energy demands continued to grow and new environmental regulations were becoming a reality. Generating capacity continued to increase with the addition of the Iatan I station in 1980 and Wolf Creek Generation Station, a nuclear power plant, in 1985. Company leaders began setting the stage for the 21st century.


Today, KCP&L serves residential and commercial customers in 47 counties in northwest Missouri and eastern Kansas, an area that covers some 18,000 square miles. More than 800,000 people use our electricity. Providing safe, reliable and affordable power to our customers is our ongoing priority, as it has been from the very beginning.