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Green Hills RPC
Innovation Stockyard is a one-stop business incubator for those who want to start or grow any business, but specializing in the animal sciences field. We offer business and scientific consulting—and facilities—to help bring your idea to market.
Utilizing Small Business Administration 504 Loans and other funds, Midwest Small Business Finance (MSBF) works with area bankers, business owners and entrepreneurs to create affordable packages without the red tape traditionally associated with government programs.
The mission of the Preschool-20 Educational Council is to promote healthier, more livable communities through connecting a diverse partnership committing to, advocating for, and achieving optimal educational outcomes and ensuring a prepared workforce now and in the future.
The Northwest Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) will combine academic and entrepreneurial resources in a synergistic way that fosters the growth and success of tenant businesses, advances the educational development of our students, and provides opportunities for research for our faculty. The CIE will contribute to the overall economic development of our broader community.